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O.M.P. Srl is a company that mainly deals with precision mechanical machining on behalf of third parties and it is aimed at large industrial groups operating in the various sectors listed below:

  • Earth moving machines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Robotic
  • Oil machines
  • Wind farms
  • Gas & Oil

Founded in 1976, it has its production site in Puglia and covers an area of approx. 12,300 m2 of which 5,800 are covered.


O.M.P. S.r.l. has worked since the dawn of time in direct contact with large industrial groups. This relationship carried out in synergy with customers, has triggered a process of professional growth of human resources. The company's workforce varies, at present, between 65 and 75 units. In this scenario, the market and customers of a national and non-national industrial type have led the company management to demand ever greater competence standards from its staff and the entire structure, both in technical and organizational fields. The skills of the technicians and labourers, the commitment and intelligence belonging to the continuity of their work has enabled the company, which every day expresses its deepest gratitude, to progress in the field of precision mechanics to place it today among the most qualified companies in the sector. This demonstrates that, behind the apparent coldness of technology and the most advanced achievements of mechanics, there is always the intellectual commitment and sensitivity of a human being. Among the critical processes, welding is required to play a role of considerable importance: there are, for this process, resources and qualified procedures according to the European standards UNI EN 9606, EN ISO 15614-1 and ASME IX (SMAW-SAW- GMAW-GTAW-FCAW) for carbon steels and stainless steels also for cryogenic applications. For non-destructive testing methods, the company relies on its internal staff for VT, LP and UT tests and on qualified service providers with personnel certification according to UNI EN ISO 9712, as well as UNI CEI EN ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.



We fulfill do our duty as a matter of principle, for ourselves, for our dignity.

High technology

High-tech industrial machines, for the development of a perfect product in every field.


We produce mechanical components that require a high level of precision.


The seriousness of our work is the key that makes the customer appreciate us.


Quality means satisfying the needs of our customers and exceeding his own expectations through continuous improvement.


A machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men, but no machine can do the work of an extraordinary man.

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Since 1998 OMP Srl has had the Quality Management system certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001, to which was added in 2014 the certification according to UNI EN ISO 3834-2 for the welding process. In 2022 it obtained the certification of its Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 standard. It has II level qualified personnel according to UNI EN ISO 9712 as regards visual checks, penetrating liquids and ultrasounds and welders certified according to European standards UNI EN ISO 9606 and ASME Code section IX, for SMAW-SAW-GMAW- processes GTAW-FCAW.


Production and control systems

Productive Process

The production process is organized by order with the help of management tools. The main activities that are performed for the fulfillment of a job are the following:

  • Check availability of materials in stock
  • Supplying
  • Issuing of production and control specifications
  • Production and control
  • Final test
  • Packaging and delivery

Some processes are outsourced:

  • Galvanic treatments
  • Heat treatments
  • Painting

The production phases carried out in house are the following:

  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Welding
  • Assembling
  • Functional tests
  • Control phases, in process and in the metrology room

Production and control plant

The production plants are mainly made up of multipallet machining centers, vertical and parallel lathes with numerical control.

Welding machines for GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, SAW processes.

The heart of the company consists of the metrology room, where highly specialized personnel carry out the production control and testing phases.

The metrology room is also equipped with three-dimensional control machines (DEA, COORD3) and a 3D portable touch probes and laser control system. (Hexagon System absolute arm mod 8545-7 axis with scanner RS6)

Types of machining operations

Some typical operations are flanges, shafts, bridge boxes for transmissions, oil pans, manifolds, balls, shells, bodies and drives for valves and pumps, rotors for gas turbines, cross heads for reciprocating compressors, complete hydraulic distributors, welded columns for cryogenic use bodies and covers of large butterfly valves, carpentry, as well as production of specific equipment (clamping or assembly tools for large productions, pallets) of the customer.



Carlone Gildo
Tel. +39 0883 382230

Commercial Area

Commercial Director
Carlone Gildo
Tel. +39 0883 382230

Technical Area

Technical Direction
Carlone Pasquale
Tel. +39 0883 382253

Welding Engineer
Mauro Gaetano
Tel. +39 0883 382222

Purchasing Area

Purchasing Office
Carlone Fabio
Tel. +39 0883 382224

Operational Area

NC programming of machine tools Manager
Carlone Mimmo
Tel. +39 0883 382226

Warehouse Area

Warehouse Manager
D'Ambra Antonio
Tel. +39 0883 382242

Administration Area

Responsible for the Finance and Banks
Carlone Michela
Tel. +39 0883 382228

Administration and Human Resource Manager
Sassi Giovanni
Tel. +39 0883 382231

Customers’ Accounts
Carlone Michela
Tel. +39 0883 382228

Quality Area

Responsible Quality
Mauro Gaetano
Tel. +39 0883 382222

Management Responsible Testing
Melacarne Alessandro
Tel. +39 0883 382234

Other telephone numbers

Switchboard: +39 0883 693023 - +39 0883 693649 - +39 0883 694161
Administration Fax: +39 0883 693304
Workshop: +39 0883.382245 - +39 0883 382236
Resident Supervision: +39 0883 382240

Production Area

Production Director
Carlone Angelo
Tel. +39 0883 382221

Outsourcing Suppliers Office
Cannone Mariantonietta
Tel. +39 0883 382249

Programming Department
Cannone Sebastiano
Tel. +39 0883 382232

Production Engineer
Tricarico Savino
Tel. +39 0883 382225


Contrada Chianche - Z.I.
Minervino Murge (BT)
76013 - Italia
P. IVA 00779930726

Tel: +39 0883 693023
Tel: +39 0883 693649
Tel: +39 0883 694161
Fax: +39 0883 693304

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